Etched glass Painting Sculptures for
Private Collection
Detail - Etched glass - Private Collection
Forest Lake, Illinois
La Musique des Ondes - Bronze - Private Collection
New York, New York
Hear O Jerusalem Triumphant -
Oil - Private Collection
New York, New York
Untitled - Sans titre - Bronze -
Private Collection
New York, New York
In the center it is like an attentive ear, attentive to all sounds that have their origin in us
and make us grow a little every day. To cut up forms, broken, sharp, are the bass of an
imaginary orchestra which in turn shout and sing our violence, our wounds, our victories.
The more soft and subtle forms that come and die on the surface are our feelings of
love, affection and friendship without which we cannot live and bloom. Toward the sides,
the forms become vertical and pure, they expand and reach towards space as does the
wind singing to the organ. On the right, directing the symphony of forms and lights,
playing on the angles, is the harmony key which permits us to reach inner peace.